Sunthi Operation cost in Hyderabad

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Sunthi Operation cost in Hyderabad
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Sunthi Operation

Sunthi is a surgery which is performed on males to remove the foreskin (prepuce) of the penis from the penis of a male child. It is a very common surgery, performed for religious, medical or cosmetic reasons. It is usually performed on children, although it is being performed on adult men with more frequency nowadays due to the increased incidence of penile cancer.

Sunthi Operation cost in Hyderabad

The Average Cost of Sunthi Operation in Hyderabad is range from 30,000 to 40,000. 

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What is a foreSkin?

Foreskin (prepuce) is a loose fold of skin that surrounds the tip of the penis, covering it. It has no blood or nerve supply of its own, but it may have some minor sensory nerves in the glans. The foreskin is normally removed during circumcision

What are the Complications of sunthi operation?

The Complications of the sunthi operation include:

Procedure for sunthi operation :

This surgery usually requires a single day’s hospital stay and usually requires about two to four hours. The procedure for circumcision is done under the supervision of an anaesthesiologist or an experienced physician. The surgery for circumcision is performed by the surgeons using a local anaesthesia and sedative, and the most commonly used sedative is chloral hydrate. A local anesthetic is used before the operation to numb the area around the penis. For a child, a circumciser removes the foreskin by an incision from the base of the penis to the tip. The foreskin is then trimmed and folded back over itself. For an adult, the foreskin is usually removed by a surgeon through a small incision made in the skin at the end of the penis.

What are the Post Surgery Instructions?

Before and After Image

Sunthi Operation cost in Hyderabad

Frequently asked questions

It may take 8-10 days to heal the penis.

No, it does not affect the fertility.

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