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breast implant surgery cost in hyderabad
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Breast implant Surgery

Breast implant surgeries to remove cancerous tumors is now very common in India. It is usually recommended after the age of 30, when the chances of getting Cancer becomes high. Most women in India, between the ages of 30-50, must have an annual check up with the doctor.

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What is the Price of a Breast implant Surgery in Hyderabad

The cost of Breast implant Surgery may range between Rs 50,000 INR to Rs 1,00,000 INR or more as per the prevailing market rate. Our clinic offers Breast surgeries in Hyderabad to get rid of breast cancer in a painless and safe way. Our Clinic in Hyderabad provides all the services and treatment required for a successful Breast Surgery. Our breast surgery costs in Hyderabad are more affordable than any other hospital or medical facility in Hyderabad.

What are the symptoms of the Breast Cancer?

Symptoms of Breast Cancer may include:

How to prevent a breast cancer?

There are some things you can do to help reduce your risk. These include:

What are the complications of the Laparoscopic Breast cancer Surgery?

Procedure of Breast implant Surgery

In this procedure a very small incision (about 3/8 inch long) is made in the umbilicus (navel). Through this incision, two or three trocars (very thin, hollow tubes) are inserted. These trocars allow the insertion of long, thin instruments which are used to provide magnification and a clear view of the area.
The surgeon uses an endoscope (a thin, tube-like instrument with a light and a camera) through one of the trocars to locate and remove the tumor. During the procedure, the surgeon will also insert a tiny camera into the abdomen through the same trocar, to verify that no cancer cells have been left behind.

After removal of the tumor, the surgeon carefully closes the hole with sutures.

What are the Post Breast implant Surgery Instructions?

Frequently asked questions

Yes. After a successful Laparoscopic Breast Cancer Surgery you should be able to resume your normal activities in few weeks as ou may experience some numbness and swelling for a few days. You may have some minor scars but they will fade over time.

Lumpectomy is the surgical removal of a tumor with clear margins (the normal healthy tissue around the tumor) by removing as much of the tumor as possible, without removing the entire breast.

The patient is allowed to go home the same day of the procedure if there are no postoperative complications. However, it is advisable to stay in the hospital for a few days to be on the safe side. Usually, patients go back to work in about two weeks.

The best time to have the surgery is when your health is stable and there are no serious infections or diseases in your body.

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