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Pregnancy Care and Deliveries Cost in Hyderabad

Our Clinic provides best quality Pregnancy Care & Deliveries Services at affordable prices. We have been providing all types of Pregnancy Care and Deliveries Services since many years All the medical treatments are 100% Guaranteed by our experienced Doctors. We provide Best Doctor services Dr.Vineela is the Best Prenatal and Postnatal Care Consultant who provides individualized care during pregnancy, postnatal care and pregnancy.

Pregnancy Care

Pregnancy Care consists of prenatal care and Postpartum care.

Prenatal Care

Prenatal care consists of examinations and tests to check the growth and development of the baby, mother’s health and nutrition, and to keep a check on your body systems. These are important as they let the doctor know if there is any problem in any of these areas which may lead to complications during delivery and later in life of the child.

During your prenatal care visits, your healthcare provider will perform tests to help detect any problems in advance and give you time to work with your healthcare provider to find the best solution for you and your baby. Your healthcare provider will discuss any conditions that put you or your baby at risk during pregnancy, including maternal risks, genetic risks, medical risks and lifestyle risks. Risks that can be modified include smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, drug use and obesity.

Your healthcare provider will also give you instructions on how to prepare yourself for the coming months. This may include instructions on eating a healthy diet, getting adequate rest, managing stress and staying active. During each visit, your healthcare provider will check on the progress of your pregnancy and discuss any concerns you may have.

Postpartum Care

Pregnancy care will end with delivery of your baby. However, the postpartum period is just as important for both mother and baby. During this time, the doctor checks on the health of mother and baby and helps with delivery of the placenta. Postpartum Care includes a visit to the doctor’s office every two weeks or as often as needed throughout the first six months after birth. During these visits, the doctor will look at you and your baby to make sure that all is well. This includes checking to see if you are having any side effects from childbirth or problems like pain and bleeding. The doctor may also do a physical exam and check on the amount of weight you are losing.

Your healthcare provider may recommend medications or other treatments to help with healing and managing postpartum symptoms. Postpartum care for a mother includes making sure she has the rest, food and attention that she needs, taking her time off work, doing chores around the house and helping her recover her energy. She is also given instruction in caring for herself and baby and on how to breastfeed and care for newborn babies.

Procedure for Cesarean birth

Cesarean birth is a surgical procedure done when the Doctor thinks you are at risk of delivering a baby before he or she is ready. The Doctor will try to schedule the cesarean delivery as early in pregnancy as possible to avoid problems later in the pregnancy. In some cases, a cesarean is recommended because of complications during labor. A cesarean section is performed to remove your baby via incision of your abdomen.

Once the baby is out of your body, the doctor closes the wound with stitches and then removes the placenta. Your doctor will check to make sure that your uterus is contracting and your bleeding is under control.

What are the Post Cesarean Instructions?

The instructions after a C-section may include:

Procedure for Normal birth

A normal vaginal birth is when your baby is born through the vaginal canal. During pregnancy your cervix softens to let your baby pass through into the world. At the same time, your vagina begins to stretch. When the baby’s head emerges, the Doctor will use hands to help pull the baby through your birth canal. Once the baby is out, the doctor will check to make sure you are recovering and that the bleeding is under control. Then he or she will close the wound with stitches and remove the placenta.

What are the Post Normal delivery Instructions?

The instructions after a Normal delivery may include:

Frequently asked questions

Yes! Exercise is good for you and your baby throughout your pregnancy. It can improve your energy levels, help with weight loss if you are overweight or obese, improve your mood, relieve stress and aid in sleep. Regular exercise can also increase your birth-spacing if you are planning to have more than one child. However, you should still discuss with your healthcare provider what activities are safe for you to do.

Having a repeat cesarean is more likely to result in complications. This may include bleeding, infection, future cesareans resulting in scar dehiscence or uterine rupture. Having a repeat cesarean also increases the risk of having another baby with birth defects.

It takes three to four weeks for you to fully recover from a cesarean birth. This includes getting back your strength, energy and ability to care for yourself and your baby.

Yes, you can breastfeed after a cesarean birth. Your doctor will tell you when it is safe for you to begin breastfeeding.

Be sure to eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats and a few (well-cooked) protein foods. Avoid alcohol, soft drinks, caffeine and sugar-laden sweets and snacks.

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