Prolapse surgery cost in India

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Prolapse Surgeries

Prolapse surgery is a surgical procedure to repair vaginal or rectal tissue that has fallen down into the vagina or anus, respectively. The most common causes of vaginal and rectal prolapse are childbirth and aging.

Prolapse surgery cost in India

The cost of prolapse surgery in India falls between Rs.79,000 INR to Rs. 1,50,000 INR.

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What is Pelvic Prolapse Repair ?

Prolapse is the medical term used to describe when the vagina or rectum protrudes outside the vagina or anus, respectively. Prolapse occurs when the muscles in your vagina or rectum weaken over time. As a result, your pelvic floor muscles may not be able to support your organs and tissues in your pelvis as they should.

This weakens the muscle support around your vagina or rectum and causes tissue to bulge outside the vagina or anus. As the tissue continues to expand, it presses against the walls of your vagina or rectum, causing pain and a noticeable bulge in your vagina or rectum. With time, this can cause difficulty in passing urine or stool, and even lead to bleeding and infection.

What are the Symptoms of prolapse?

Most people who have gallstones experience no symptoms. However, if the gallstones become impacted or blocked, they can cause intense pain in the upper right abdomen, fever, nausea, vomiting.

What are the complications of the Laparoscopic Pelvic Prolapse Repair?

Procedure for Laparoscopic Pelvic Prolapse Repair

For the Laparoscopic repair, a small camera will be inserted through several small incisions (about 1/2 inch) across your abdomen. The surgeon will use this camera to see the inside of your abdomen and pelvis. Using special surgical instruments, the surgeon will carefully dissect and remove the weakened area of tissue causing your prolapse.

The tissue will be replaced with a graft or synthetic material that will hold your tissue in place and restore the strength of your pelvic floor muscles. Once the procedure is completed, a Foley catheter will be inserted into your vagina through one of the incisions to drain the bladder.
Once the prolapse is corrected, the surgeon will then close the incision using stitches or by cauterizing the area.

What are the Post Surgery Instructions?

Frequently asked questions

Prolapses can be treated by using a mesh graft or synthetic material to hold your tissue in place. Surgeons will use a technique called laparoscopic surgery to repair the prolapse. The surgeon will remove the weakened tissue and replace it with a graft or synthetic material that will restore the strength of your pelvic floor muscles.

Yes. It is one of the most successful procedures performed today. Almost all of our patients are able to return to a normal life within 1-2 weeks of their surgery.

Almost all of our patients are able to return to a normal life within 1-2 weeks of their surgery. The actual recovery time is much quicker than the time it takes to perform the surgery.

Most patients describe Laparoscopic Surgery as very comfortable. If the incision is placed just below the navel, the patients feel little or no pain.

Laparoscopic Surgery is associated with less postoperative infection as compared to open surgery.

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